About Jordan Laubaugh









I’ve always been an entrepreneur. Did all the usual things. Selling candy, selling burnt CDs, selling rubber bracelets during the Livestrong craze. In high school I made decent money playing online poker. After high school, I moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan got a place on my own and began the adult phase of my entrepreneurial journey.

Since 2010 I’ve been building Pandora Modeling, a management agency for adult video chat performers. From scratch, I’ve built this into a powerhouse in the industry. It’s been my greatest work, my first love, my first hit, and my obsession for all these years. Now, we work with hundreds of performers at the company, collectively earning millions of dollars per year. I am still the main operator at the company, this is what I get up and do every day.

That really concludes my well rounded resume. I’ve poured everything I have into one thing for years and made it work through sheer determination and perseverance. I’m probably the world’s foremost expert on adult video chat and I aspire to be the industry’s chief evangelist.

I aspire to do other cool things in the future too.