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How To Create Your Life 2.0.

Back in 2012 I first wrote the post, “How To Create A New Life.”

It lays out a technique that I used, with great success to change everything about my  life. Short version, write out what your life would be like on your perfect average day. Do it in extreme detail. Forget about it and then notice that 6 months later, you’re living that way now.

I rewrote that post a few times (almost every time I did the exercise and had a new insight). A few years have gone by now and I think that I’ve refined the process enough to warrant a completely new post. Here is that post. Btw, life does not suck. Continue reading


How To Become A Creative Machine. The Dreamer, The Realist, and The Critic.

Every 6 months I make myself obsolete. I destroy my business and my life. I briefly want to stab an ice pick in my eye. I resist. I proceed.

This has been my path since I was in middle school. If anyone ever wanted to know my secret weapon, it’s contained in this post. Can you see it?

Most people resist having their beliefs questioned. It’s uncomfortable. Really, really, really uncomfortable.  Continue reading


The Realist: 26 Helpful Tips For Being An Intense Realist.

It is better to be a realist than a happyest (noun: meaning an individual that values happiness above all else).

The realist sees things as they are and, armed with this information, has the power to influence things. The happy fall easily into complacency and inaction.

The happy are vastly superior to the unhappy, so with those as the only two options, choose happy every time. Those are never the only two options. Happiness and realism are not mutually exclusive.

The realist is something different. Being a realist is a condition that far too many pessimists claim. Don’t mistake narrow minded certainty with realism. It is fear and complacency, masquerading as realism. Continue reading


An Introduction To Breath Work: How I Accidentally Cured My Anxiety And Cyclical Depression By Breathing

Being in a perpetual state of stress and anxiety is lame. I tried it for years. An ongoing cycle of run run run, followed by a crash and depression. No structure. Just stress. I’d go until I couldn’t handle it anymore, and then I’d breakdown. I’d go days and weeks without checking any of my accounts or my phone. I’d just vanish and be depressed. This would make me more stressed out. I’d procrastinate. Blow off commitments. Avoid everyone. I would simply hide.

Then I learned how to breathe. Then all that stuff magically went away.

Well, it’s not quite magic. I guess it did take some time.

On day 1, I noticed immediate improvement.

On day 14, I could tell things were different.

On day 100, my natural state of existence was unrecognizable to myself. Continue reading