Here are the best ways to get in touch with me as of 2017.

Instagram DM:

Freedom from way too much communication is one of the more important luxuries of my life. Professionally, I run a management agency for adult video chat performers. I spend a lot of time talking and communicating in this position and on a lot of days my work day ends when my head hits the pillow (or an hour after). So I’m not always eager to hear from new people, unless they read my blog.

The types of communications I love receiving are from people who want to use me and have a specific thing. I’m entering into the shameless self promotion phase of my life, so if you want to do anything that I’ll consider promotional like interview me, use my content, invite me to speak at your event, have me on a podcast, or do anything else content related, I’m most likely a yes.

But if you just have a question, or want to yell at me or say nice things, feel free to.

Thank you.