The Apps That Run My Life.

#1. Square Cash

Square Cash

Get It Here:

Simply the very best way to get money from 1 individual to another within the United States.

100% free. You just link your debit card and you’re good to go.

When you send money it pulls it directly from your bank account and puts it directly in the other person’s bank account (once they accept the transfer). Sometimes it happens instantly (which is mind blowing) other times it takes 1-2 business days.

Super fast, super free, and you don’t have to physically interact with anyone to make the transaction.

Now you can even send money via Snapchat using SquareCash.

My snapchat is jordanlaubaugh. Please send me money.

#2. Lastpass


Get It Here:

This app saved me probably 100 hours, and tons of frustration in 2014. I expect it will save me even more in 2015.

You create an account, install the browser extension, and saved all your passwords to it. It’s worth taking a little while to setup and import all of your passwords when you start.

Lastpass will automatically fill out your username/password on the site when  you visit it and log you in.

If you get a premium account (which I think is less than $10/year) you can download the mobile app onto all your devices and say goodbye to trying to type in usernames and passwords on the just quickly copy/paste everything. Or use the Lastpass apps built in browser browser for the same functionality as your computer (autofill, autologin).

#3. Zapier


Get It Here:

Zapier is so mega-cool. It’s an app that connects all of your other apps together via api’s. You can create Zaps to trigger actions based on things happening. Right now Zapier does about 28,000 things for me every month. No joke, that’s literally how many tasks it completes.

Example: When I get an email from a few select, certain people. I get a notification on my phone. By doing this I ensure that the small handful of people (who don’t email me all that regularly) that I find exceptionally important, get lightning fast responses from me every time.

Then I don’t worry too much about the rest of my email and check it quickly once each morning. This system works for me.

It can also do everything else you could possibly imagine too. Take a look. I use this primarily for work, but I’m exploring personal benefits as well.

Price: Free for basic use. Paid plans (for higher usage) start at $20/month.

#4. Mint


Get It Here:

My go to personal finance app. It makes tracking, reviewing, and planning my money a breeze. I recommend this to absolutely everyone. There’s isn’t anyone that shouldn’t have it for tracking their personal finance. Nothing better has came along. When it does, I’ll let you know.

It’s also totally free.

#5. Slack


Get It Here:

Slack took an old hat feature (Instant Messaging) and made it brilliant. We started using it at work a few months back and the results have been amazing.

Easy collaboration. Full archiving and a wonderful search feature (making it easy to recall old conversations). Great threading (making it easy to discuss topics in their own place). Mobile apps that are really way too good. I use Slack on my phone more than on my computer.

Slack provided us with “Everything In One Place For Everyone. Easily Searchable.” No more dancing between apps to pull up different things. Everything goes into slack (files, links, images, etc). It’s reduced our internal email to almost zero (compared to dozens per day between 3 people). We handle things a lot faster. It’s just awesome.

#6. Evernote


Get It Here:

Evernote is, and has been for some time, my external brain. I don’t remember big things. I just throw it in Evernote and it remembers them for me, forever, on any of my devices, from anywhere on the planet.

I use it for writing, collecting research, and editing. I use it for brainstorming. And I have lots of automatic processes setup (via Zapier) so that it automatically remembers things without me ever needing to know them in the first place.

It’s a platform with infinite applicability and exceptional user friendliness.

#7. Basecamp


Get It Here:

Basecamp is where I do my evil genius stuff. I scheme on Basecamp. It’s my planning, strategizing, and scheduling tool. It’s Calendar is awesome. Just a brilliant all around tool that keeps getting better.

I have one project that I use to run my life. It’s where I track goals and schedule check-ins (with reminders). All of the automated things that happen for me like bill pay are scheduled in Basecamp (so I can easily see at a glance what’s happening on my behalf and when). It’s the only place that I will put appointments and actually keep them.

It was love at first use, and I’ve now been using it for years.

As a fringe benefit I also use it with work to collaborate and discuss projects, schedule things, and assign to-do’s. That’s 90% of what I use it for. I just really enjoy the project on my life :).

This post was an in-between post. I’m working on my next long post, it’s going to be awesome. In the mean time, enjoy this bite sized piece of useful advice.

It is a short list of app recommendations. I don’t have any stake in any of them and won’t make any money from  you using them. They are simply the apps I have landed on using. It’s what I rely on everyday.

As an entrepreneur that makes my living via my iPhone and computer. I have seriously, no exaggeration, tried absolutely every app there is (slight exaggeration). Each of these apps are the best in breed.

If I had to choose between one of these apps and any one of my individual social media accounts. I’d pick the app every time. Without a second thought.

I hope you start using all of these, right now. If you want. If you like them, my email for SquareCash is


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